About us

We are a prestigious and exclusive international agency managing and administering a very large database of people suitable for various events and other purposes. We comprehensively arrange and manage the cooperation of these people with our clients worldwide through our well though-out and modern system which we are improving constantly. These partnerships under our agency stand out among others because of their safety, fairness, flexibility and many advantages for all participants. The scope of our business is quite broad. In our database you can find hostesses, male and female models, promotion personnel, artists, a film production or a sporting and casting agency under the brands Promoterky.cz a Promoterky.com. Within the scope of our promotion activities we provide various promotional services, presentations, degustations, sampling, merchandising, mystery shopping, competition market analysis, creating business teams and many other services.

Another part of our international database contains several thousand women and men providing professional social accompaniment services for social events. We also run a discreet dating agency and universal assistance services, i.e. private concierge services. All the people in our database are trustworthy and reliable individuals with a rich scope of skills, language and communication abilities and necessary experience. We process every order of our services most carefully and with the emphasis on individual client requirements – we can provide a small assistance as well as a complete organization of whole large events. Our brands Promoterky.com and LaScalaEVENT.com are the best choice for you – thousands of our happy clients worldwide prove that.

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