Hostesses and promoters

To get hold of a good quality, presentable and reliable personnel for your event isn’t easy at all these days. That is why we would like to give you a helping hand and to arrange hostesses, male and female promoters, animators, moderators and whole teams of women and men who are able to organize and manage your event from A to Z. Our non-public database offers a selection from thousands of people of various focuses, specializations and skills, so it is possible to find both individuals and complete teams for actually any purpose.

We are an experienced and large international agency providing various services including the aforementioned event organization, the area of dating services or a private concierge – all of these on the highest possible level. The network of our contacts and clients grows every day, we are always improving and modernizing out system of cooperation to be the most flexible and accessible. In the area of event organization we are able to arrange anything from one small promotional stand to a complete multiple-day trade show or other bigger event. Our clients include both small family business and gigantic corporations throughout the world under our parent agency founded particularly for events - www.LaScalaEVENT.COM but we are definitely able to organize even a smaller or a private event for you, alternatively an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party under our other partner project www.Rozlucka.COM.

Categories of services

Arranging professional hostess and male/female promoter services

Press and other conferences, parties, openings, promotion, degustations, sampling.

Professional modelling services and artists for your events

Press and other conferences, parties, openings, balls and other cultural events Personnel for catering, animator services, various artists, instructors, photographers, TV production and other.

Road show

Festival road show tours, cultural events or for any other purpose. We will put together a complete team.

Product releases to the market

We will help you with a product release. What about guerilla?


Survey of shopping behavior and mystery shopping, questioning.

Support of sale

Promotion for an increase of sales or a brand awareness.

Mystery shopping

Inside your shops or shops of your competition, product, sale and employee monitoring.


Appearance, way of display and effective placement of your goods, POS materials. Higher sales of your brand.

Political marketing

Petitions, signatures, support, visual identity. Decency, truthfulness, ethic.

A complete business team creation

A composition and a specialization is completely up to you. In our database there are all types of specialists available.

Who can be found in our database?

  • * Models
  • * Male and female promoters/hostesses
  • * Dancers
  • * Casting artists (film roles, ads etc.)
  • * Sport instructors
  • * Animators
  • * DJs
  • * Moderators
  • * Lecturers (business, marketing, reality, project management, bartender and gastro skills and many others)
  • * Professional social accompaniment
  • * Female social accompaniment
  • * Debaras, waitresses and waiters, bartenders, baristas
  • * Chefs, cooks, sous-chefs
  • * Roadies, drivers
  • * Organization services, security, cleaning teams
  • * Photographers, cameramen
  • * Graphic and other designers, shopfitters

The aforementioned list is here only for your orientation. We always look for and recommend a team or an individual exactly according to particular needs of a client and create a price offer based on these criteria.

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The most frequently asked questions about the Hostess and Promoters services

We approach every order individually and according to specific client requirements. That is why we need the maximum of detailed information about your planned event and you will receive an exact price offer from us according to such details.

To ask us anything or to order our services please contact us on the number +420 777 534 000, via e-mail, or use our contact form.

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