Concierge services

These days, when almost every one of us is busy all the time with our everyday tasks, we are searching for ways to spare our precious time and to make the hectic and stressful life simpler. The goal of our concierge services offer is exactly that – for you to be able to dedicate your time to the things that are truly important for you and to delegate paperwork, organizational or bureaucratic duties to our reliable assistance. This way, you can gain time, more space and a mental peace.

Our international agency has provided concierge services for a few years now to all types of clients. We can arrange anything from ordering tickets to a local theatre to a complex organization of a luxurious vacation for several people including everything you might need. We always think ahead about any unexpected situations and pitfalls that might occur and we are able to satisfy all of your specific requirements. We are your partners for more organized and peaceful life. We can also secure some things that usually cannot be arranged elsewhere – services of our external assistant, so called Executive virtual assistant – your personal external assistant for work trips or writing meeting records.


Arrangement of all types of transportation to all destinations worldwide, private jets and helicopters, V.I.P. cars, private yachts, boats and ships, airplane or other ticket bookings or car renting.

External assistant services

Arrangement of services of external assistants who can accompany you to meetings, take records, prepare paperwork or help you in any other way with the administrative and organizational side of things if needed.


Plane tickets and other tickets reservations, accommodation booking, arranging experiences and a comprehensive luxury vacation organization from A to Z.


Professional cleaning services, babysitting, tuition and other additional teaching services both for children and adults, moving organization.

Real estate

Buying, selling and renting of real estate, contractual real estate and legal paperwork, renovation and repair arrangement.


Private and public events, celebrations, weddings, team buildings, workshops, seminars and promotional events.

Paperwork and admin

Paperwork of all kinds – official and legal matters, errands, organizational services, translations and various language services.


Tickets for a local or a foreign event of any kind – social, cultural, sporting, including V.I.P. events with limited capacity.

Aforementioned services include just an indicative list of things we are able to arrange. So you don’t have to hesitate to contact us with any request individually. With us, almost everything is possible.

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The most frequently asked questions about the Concierge services

A price offer and a whole process of completing orders are in case of concierge services completely individual. Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your request and needs in detail and we will create an offer tailored just for you.

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