Some stories can end with a real happy ending.) ... More in our next article



Some stories can end with a real happy ending.) ... More in our next article

... More in our next article this time a dating trip to Bora Bora...


Another one of our featured stories is again a treat for the eye.... French Polynesia again and this time Bora Bora.


We were contacted by a client who shared his life story with us, he is a younger man who invested in cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the boom. Because he had money from his parent’s building savings and further he was quite thrifty and very hardworking, he managed to buy a lot of money in the beginning, during its peak he decided to sell most of it and keep a small part as a hobby. Today, thanks to this, he has come to a fabulous sum, he can live like in a fairy tale and today he is a very young pensioner who travels and sees the beauty of the world. But because his personal life is not going as well as he would have liked, he is still single and still unable to find the girl of his dreams with whom he would fully get along according to his wishes.


When he approached us, he confided his problem about making contacts and the bad luck he has with women, he also said that he met most of the women on online dating sites, where unfortunately he found a lot of lies or half-truths, or women came on dates who were not at all the reality of the photos they presented themselves in. Because he also values his time, he asked us if we had any ladies at our agency who might be open to a relationship and a meet and greet. So his condition was women who are unattached and really beautiful women. Thanks to our unique Dating Agency service, we are of course within our, while adhering to the code of ethics but with the possibility just thanks to the service of a unique dating agency, we are also able to connect people beyond the form of a relationship introduction, not just a purely companions on holiday. The client described the ideal match to us, we searched for the ladies in our huge database thousand and thousand of very beautiful European especially Czech and Slovakia girls and boys according to the parameters and specifications of the client, and sent him a preview of the profiles and then contacted the ladies to see if they would be willing to go on holiday with this client for the purpose of a possible meeting, that the client sees it as a dating holiday, (similar to the very popular speed dating trips, purely for the purpose of getting to know each other) where there will be a chance to talk more and get to know each other, to see if they would have a future together. There was also a short introductory dinner in the Czech Republic to make sure that the client really wants to go on holiday to this destination with the chosen lady. For the client, again thanks to our business partners we have around the world through our Concierge service, we helped arrange accommodation, flights, and transportation to the dream holiday as well as local attractions. I think they both thoroughly enjoyed the holiday, due to the fact that the lady asked us to completely hide her profile from us some time ago, so we are secretly hoping that they are already a couple together. Which would be great news for us. But because we honour decorum ethics and also the right to full privacy, we leave this status as their personal business.  So stories can end fabulously.


We are very happy that we managed to convince another client of the quality of our services again. It is our great passion to grant our clients these extraordinary wishes. Do you also have an unusual wish? Contact us at  + 420 608 987 000 free via WhatsApp  or


We are very happy to offer our clients charming accompaniment on their way to work and play, all over the world..


Once again, our renowned agency was able to demonstrate that we really fulfil the wishes of our customers, even the unusual ones.


We enjoy filling clients' free days and vacation and business trips.


Are you single but don't want to go to events, vacations, or business trips alone?  Just call our magic number + 420 608 987 000 free via WhatsApp or email, and we will take care of your companion.


We can also arrange for your holidays, flights, and transfers, book hotels and prepare a complete program for your event It is no problem for us to deliver private secure cars or limousines, private boats or private jets. You can choices our Concierge services.  We can arrange for you a trip around the Czech Republic. We can also arrange private flights to any destination, nothing is a problem.  We are provided with fully professional services.


Do you miss your partner? For a perfect trip, lunch or dinner, cinema or other entertainment? Thanks to our companion you can enjoy your trips to the fullest.


Do not hesitate to contact us, you can experience a similar vacation There are still plenty of beautiful places where you can travel even at this time. 


Are you single but don't want to go to events, vacations, or business trips alone?  Just call our magic number + 420 608 987 000 free via WhatsApp or email, and we will take care of your companion.


In our private database, we have more than a thousands and thousends of people, also models, famous personalities and celebrities, students, amateurs, external assistants,  athletes, instructors and especially professional companions for social events anywhere in the world for various events and trips. Or in our section Dating service agency, you can find very beautiful Czech, and Slovak girls and men. Do not hesitate to contact us in this section.


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*Our agency provides purely cultural, and companion based on the social code and good manners under Czech law and legislation.

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