Looking for an exclusive Italian stallion that will have passers-by sitting on their asses? He could



Looking for an exclusive Italian stallion that will have passers-by sitting on their asses? He could

Hello everyone,

We received another luxury offer via WhatsApp from our international client/business partner, to our Concierge Service.   This time for a black stallion from an Italian stud. Since we share our website traffic statistics with our business partners around the world, where his last offer was seen by more than 13,000 users, so that they also have an overview of how we are doing, we have heard again from one of our foreign partners. So here we have another abandoned but very TOP pet...


Check out this stunning offer of a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa! This is a true one-off, with just 17,702 km (aprox. 11 000 miles) on the clock and a single owner who has lovingly cared for it.


This black beauty on a yellow background will leave no one cold.  It will make your knees buckle 😊 The long side-strakes that ran along the doors into the quarter panels served a functional purpose, channeling massive amounts of air toward radiators that kept the cars potent 4.9-liter naturally aspirated flat-12 engine cool. The engine produced 40 more horsepower than that of the Testarossas predecessor, the 512 BBi, helping the 3,700-pound coupe accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 5.2 seconds and reach a reported top speed of 180 mph. The ideal opportunity to acquire the quintessential poster car!

This car is in very very excellent condition and is extremely rare on the market. The car naturally comes with a full service book and complete original documentation in leather covers with the Ferrari logo. The car comes with the original service kit for wheel replacement and the original range of tyres. Full photographic documentation is available on request including VIN photos and original Ferrari tags on parts.


Thanks to our Concierge Service we can arrange this beauty for you. We can arrange importation from outside the EU, all the paperwork and allow you to view the car.


Don't hesitate to contact us!  Free via WhatsApp +420 608 987 000. This retro legend awaits you!


Bonus: Watch Video1 and Video2 from our trusted partner to learn more about this gem.


Can you a have a great day and treat yourself to something special!


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