Looking for companion? For a holiday, cinema, concert or other cultural event? At CompanionCZ.com



Looking for companion? For a holiday, cinema, concert or other cultural event? At CompanionCZ.com

Are you tired of boredom and loneliness? Are you looking for a companion for a holiday, a walk, a film, a meal or a trip?


Then you have come to the right place! We offer a wide range of companion services for individuals and couples. PromotersEU.com and CompanionEU.com are the best solutions on the market.


We have:

A rich history

Many references

Years of experience

International reach

Huge a grande database with thousands and thousands of people in it


Whatever you're looking for:

A holiday companion anywhere in the world

A companion for a walk, a park, a museum or a cultural event

A companion for dancing, playing cards, board games or console games

Help with shopping, errands or cleaning

A companion for holidays at the seaside, travelling, skiing or snowboarding

Accompanying you to dinner, the cinema or theatre

Professional and international dating services and dating events with very

beautiful Czech and Slovak girls.


We really do have something for everyone!



➡️ We have the largest database of social companions in the Czech Republic in Moravia and Silesia also in our neighbours in Slovakia but also in Europe and around the world! Our database contains thousands and thousands of beautiful women and men, from students, natural amateur companions to professional companions, but also well-known personalities and artists who cooperate with us. We are one of the largest databases in the EU and maybe even in the world.  We have business partners in many countries around the world as well as our companions.


➡️ We offer a wide range of services including concierge services, holidays or tailor made luxury holidays in collaboration with our business partner.


➡️ We will buy for you a new car or a used car, boats, planes, houses, jewellery thanks to our extensive network of business partners around the world.


➡️ We can arrange for you to book airline tickets or hire a private jet, accommodation, rentals, buy tickets to events you can't normally get, provide legal services, administrative services.


➡️ Our staff are trained and experienced and always strive to make our clients feel comfortable and relaxed.


➡️ We offer flexible pricing and a personal approach.


➡️ Tell us your budget and we will quote it to our staff*.



Feel free to contact us to find out more! We can do so much more, anywhere in the world!



Feel free contact us:


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The team ComapnionCZ.com and PromotersEU.com



*In the case of a price with own budget, if the budget is below the limit, we reserve the right not to provide the escort due to the underestimated price. However, it is not often that no one responds to an offer. Thanks to our extensive database of many thousands of people, there is always someone who will accept a bid.