You don't have to go on vacation alone anymore. Thanks to +420 608 987 000



You don't have to go on vacation alone anymore. Thanks to +420 608 987 000

A few reasons why you should hire a companion service from us, at CompanionCZ.COM


Allow to us introduce the service of our companion in a little more detail. Break down prejudices about what or who a companion is. As we mention in our category, directly in the companion section, we have a very comprehensive and unique private database of people for our companion. Our companions can be found worldwide, where even at this moment they are accompanying our clients on their business trips, holidays or trips. Thanks to our „rich and huge“ and very diverse database, you can find companions with us who can be amateurs/students, i.e. ladies and gentlemen, where they earn extra money and improve themselves thanks to our unique service for their studies or even their personal work. In this way, we offer you the authenticity of people, who do not have such deep experience in this field, they are more natural and natural, so they could easily be your friends or neighbours from your neighbourhood 😊 . Even though you don't know each other yet, they can be good companions on trips, vacations, trips or various social events such as concerts, cinemas, theatres, wellness stays or even partners while drinking wine or beer in some picturesque pub. This is one of the first categories, but since we consider ourselves one of the leading TOP agencies in the provision of these services in the Czech Republic and abroad, you will find more categories with us. Some TIPS of beutiful holidays what we can organized for you.


Another category that can be found here are people who make a living with social accompaniments, have very rich and professional experience, speak quite a few world languages, have knowledge of culture, art, social and political events, but also the whole a range of professional knowledge from his previous professional life. They are often excellent dancers and companions at events such as important balls, gala evenings and events where, from the point of view of ethics, it is not appropriate to be alone, but on the contrary to visit such an event as a couple. Such a professional companion knows ethics, knows how to move, communicate and speak in the chosen company, has a feeling for things and the moment, and knows when it is appropriate to speak and when, on the contrary, to just listen. They are often people, very educated, distinguished, perhaps even from a previous career that stopped fulfilling them, but they decided that they would offer their person further to the market and make a living as a professional in providing such services. Thanks to our agency, it is possible today.


Another category that our professional agency can do is thanks to its very „rich and huge“ on business contacts in the country and around the world, which we can draw on, and also thanks to a private and non-public database, where for this type of people from the ranks such as famous people, celebrities, athletes, important people from the fields of culture, science, research or even professional modelling, who will properly appreciate how we can protect their privacy and reputation, precise thanks to the uniqueness and above all the privacy of our non-public database. These people have special places with us in categories to which not just anyone has access, but only very well-vetted clients. We also give this category of collaborators with our agency a very high standard of care, where we can arrange for our clients to contact or accompany such a personality.

This brings interesting benefits to both parties, financial ones on the one hand, and experiential benefits on the other, connected with the feeling of exceptionality, that they can easily appear alongside such people at important social events. Of course, we guarantee both parties the highest possible level of comfort, as well as security, if it is a private event, as well as appropriate discretion and anonymity. In the case of public media events, this is of course no longer possible, but both participants take a certain amount of "risk" with it. On the other hand, as in the other categories, there is a connection between supply and demand, where with us everything is based on the free will of both parties, i.e. also accompanying persons - the companion can freely decide whether to accept such an offer. But we have several already cooperating personalities who highly appreciate our services and professionalism. Our agency presents itself as a professional on the market providing these services with a reputation in the field of providing cultural and social guards - companions. That is why we pay great attention to the quality of services and the good reputation of our agency.

 In order for our services to really be worth something, I have lived up to the quality of the services offered, our agency can, of course, provide you with the services of a professional Concierge, thanks to which we can of course also arrange for you a private plane, or representative transport for events or your holidays or work trips, but feel free and tickets to the LaScala Opera House in Italy, or tickets to a Prague Castle or more entertainment stuff. We will talk about the service itself in another article here.


We are therefore an ideal partner in the field of providing companion - grade, where there is a connection of services with both sides, i.e. with the side of the client who needs to satisfy his desire not to spend his time in the company alone, on the other side with people who can make the company and indulge someone else's company in order to spend a pleasant time and fulfil his agenda. For both parties, i.e. both clients and companions, we pay particular attention to security, anonymity, and privacy, in several possible ways, which we do not want to disclose here due to the know-how of our services.


So, are you in a situation where you would like to go on vacation, you need a business trip, you lack a partner for cultural, social or sporting events, you want to go on a trip, but you don't have anyone to go with? Then we will be the ideal partner for you, we will offer you our unique services. Call us at +420 608 987 000,  call free via WhatsApp or send us a message on WhatsApp, or use our non-binding inquiry form directly, thanks to which we will work out the prices for our services. You can also find more information about how our social support works here. Don't waste your precious time alone, life together is much better. For those who long for love and a partner, we also have the services of our renowned dating agency. You can find more information here. But we will talk about that again next time in another of our articles on the topic of dating. Our references can prove that our services really work here.

If you too would like such a job, even full-time, do not hesitate to contact us or register directly at We will be happy to provide you with professional courses in ethics, social behaviour and a number of other courses or benefits arising from cooperation with us.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article.


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