Bali story continues..... Article completion.....



Bali story continues..... Article completion.....

We follow up here on our previous story, previous story click here ...

We found a great travel partner who used to live in different parts of the world... First they spent a few days together in the Czech Republic on exchange trips to know that they just fit together humanly, being with someone then around the islands for 3 months it's just not possible to go to the first bar or write on a dating site who will go away with me for three months...  Our agreement with the client was that if he liked somewhere a lot he just didn't want to limit himself to stay longer, but if he didn't like it, he could cut it short and move on... But at the same time he asked us that he wanted to see and know a lot, so let us motivate him a little bit to move and program... The assignment for us was clear, the client received instructions, and a number on which he had assigned his personal "assistant" who simply 24/7 for him to deal with the operation, i.e. over booking places, if there were any attractions arranged for him to enter, ordered the means for moving, or with a partner we have on site organized the transport of the client.  The client changed locations of stay, accommodation, from very luxurious to medium depending on where he liked and what he wanted. He had time to think about his life, what he wanted to do next in life, he was inspired by the environment he was in, the lady he spent time with and who was a great partner in communication. Three months, of rest, of travel, of experiences, that's a slice of life and memories. On his return, he invited us to lunch to give us his impressions.... He was totally blown away by the places, thanked us very much, and even uttered the sentence that he had never had a better holiday in his life....  He thanked us very much for the places he and his escort had visited, the experiences he had had thanks to our ideas we had recommended and our business partners had arranged for him, he also thanked us for the choice of the companion who had been a good company and travel partner for him all the time, but also for the thoughts he had carried inside him... At lunch he was beaming with energy, he was full of desire to start building something again and to build another business, there are even places in Bali that have captivated him so much that he is thinking of buying some property, where with the help of our business partners and the Concierge service, we will now help him with this. He also brought us a bunch of photos and videos that he shared with us with a sparkle in his eye and enthusiasm and showed them to us, it was really impossible to put everything here, but that's why we decided to do two articles at once because of the photos and videos.


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