When you need to clear your head for 3 months in Bali.... Or an extraordinary story....



When you need to clear your head for 3 months in Bali.... Or an extraordinary story....

After a long time, we have selected one of our many events to post here as perhaps an inspiring story for some......

There can be times in a person's life when you've just had enough.... Things aren't to your liking, or maybe they are but they still don't make you happy and you haven't reached fulfillment.... This is the story of one of our other clients... The client is very successful at what he does, he is thriving.....But yet he got to a stage in his life where he had worked for years to build his dream and when he was able to find out after a few more years that he wasn't happy... There were multiple factors, from the previous political situation, to the change in the way people were behaving in the company, the mood of the company, the constant worry with employees and many other factors.... As the days and months went by the client got to the stage where he said enough is enough........ The client first approached us to see if we could help him sell his company.... With another one of our businesses somewhere in the ownership structure, I met with the client to find out what was going on. They went over the project preparations, to sell the company, preparing presentations, managing the company and much more of the necessary agenda. There were countless meetings with the client.... We managed to sell the company, but we also managed to convince the client that we are really professionals, and what we do , we just understand it... The client invited the people from the agency to lunch, saying that he would like to discuss something, he confided that he had been working hard for the last years and sacrificing everything for the company... It has taken a toll on his relationship, his privacy, and almost his health... Now that he's come into a lot of money, he's decided to invest some of it in himself and his happiness and he's happy... Being a very active person, he needed to figure out what to do next... He's in the middle of his life and life doesn't end.... He doesn't want to live on the money he made from the company, he wants to keep investing, probably keep doing business but in something else, maybe somewhere else.... He asked us if we could prepare a travel plan for three months... He wants to go to an exotic country.... By running a company he is very meticulous and organized but he is not the type of person who takes a backpack, buys a ticket and flies, he needs order in his life, he is used to a certain standard, he was used to have documents for everything from his subordinates and everything was always carefully planned... We had a few more lunches with him, prepared his itinerary, asked our partner about locations - thanks to the Luxury Locations section, where we can arrange wonderful homes and resorts just for you thanks to our business partners, we came up with a wonderful and amazing program for him,  which he got in the schedule, so that whenever he likes and wants to stay, he has us at his back, we will take care of the rescheduling with the partners, reschedule his trip, bookings just everything thanks to our Concierge service. 😊 We will just have his back throughout the trip wink As we mentioned above, he lost his partner due to his dreams and since he didn't want to travel alone, he asked us if we can provide him with a travel partner within our reputable agency CompanionCZ.com who will be fun to travel with, who will get along with him, who will love traveling and enjoy this "adventure" with him.  Click here to continue the article and see photos and videos.



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